Thursday, December 16, 2010

Give A Little, Get A Lot (And Win!)

If you can't tell, I'm obsessed with those little chip-in counters on the right side of my page.  I love to watch them grow!  Seriously.  I will bust the cache on my browser (sorry, I work on the internetz) just to see if there's an update and I'm not seeing it.

I noticed that it's been a little bit slow going and I can understand why!  It's Christmas time.  You've got presents to buy and people are coming over and everything is just so hectic.  It's a hard time of year.

But I'm hoping that I can sweeten the deal...

Earlier in the year, I gave away $50 in gift cards to anyone who donated to the chip-ins that I had on my page.

Well, guess what?!  My husband said I could do it again!!!  Though I wanted to do it before Christmas, but that seems a bit outrageous (and we're going to be out of town, so that would make it hard).

But then I noticed that most of those chip-ins have an expiration of January 1st.  So that's how long this is going to go!

You've got until January 1st to donate (whether it be $1 or $100) to one of the chip-ins on the right side of my counter OR to Livin' In A Fishbowl.

A random person will be chosen using (of course!).  The first person chosen will be given a $50 gift card and the second person chosen will receive a $25 gift card.  The gift card will be one of those Mastercard/Visa ones that you can use like a credit card, that way you can use it for anything!  Even those Christmas credit card bills.

Once you've donated, comment on THIS post.  That way, I don't miss anyone.  I will choose the winners on January 1st.

So now that I've laid out the rules, let's meet everyone!

Chip-In #1:
Baby Be Blessed's Give A Blessing To Maria's House Of Hope
I love Baby Be Blessed!  They are some of the sweetest women I know.  Every other month, they try and raise $1,000 for someone who deserves it.  This month, they want to bless the orphans in China's Maria's House Of Hope.  With this $1,000, Baby Be Blessed is hoping to purchase medication, preemie diapers, teething gel, pajamas and more!

An added bonus with this one: if you donate for this one, you're in the running for my contest AND the winner at Baby Be Blessed will win a Cinderella doll!

Chip-In #2:
A water buffalo to India through Gospel For Asia
Sarah from Splashin' Glory has always wanted a water buffalo and this year, she's determined to get it!  All donations will go to the purchase of a water buffalo for a family in India. 

Chip-In #3:
Pass It Forward Adoption Fund
Building The Blocks received help with their adoptions and they want to pay it forward.  They've been able to give $10,000 to a family to help with their adoption and the want to be able to give another $10,000 more.  Help them raise that money through Chip-In #3!

Website Visit:
Livin' In A Fishbowl's Adoption Fund

As you can see from Chip-In #3, adoptions are expensive.  Now, imagine that you have a contested adoption and the legal fees that go along with that.  I've been following Livin' In A Fishbowl since it was just the Rock Star.  Now the family of three is a family of four!  It's a fun and insightful blog and they deserve as much help as they can get.

There you have it!  So what do you need to do again?

1) Donate to one of the 4 places mentioned above.
2) Return to this site and comment on THIS post.
3) Return on January 1st (but late!  I get back to my home that day, so it might be a little bit late)

Best of luck!


  1. Donated to Baby be Blessed. Wish it could be more but I will pass the information about it.

  2. Donated to the water buffalo (of course) and thanks for posting this. We just might start a tidal wave to bless families in India.


  3. Donated to Pass it Forward. Families helping families is what life is all about, especially if it means one less orphan in the world.

  4. Donated at Splashin Glory; it's a privilege to be a part of Sarah's dream to give a Water Buffalo.

  5. Donated to the water buffalo. We were in Asia this last summer and saw how a water buffalo can change a families life. Great idea.

  6. Mark and I had several things going this Christmas in the way of giving to Compassion children and blessing a local family who had no money to buy gifts for their kids...otherwise we would definitely pitch in here. God bless your generous hearts!

    Have a Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year, my dear sweet friend!

  7. Donated to Baby Be Blessed! Can I just say how much I love you and everything you are doing. You inspire me. There is so much need in the world. Just got home from wrapping gifts for a family in need and had a man at our door earlier looking for work shoveling so he could buy his son gifts. It is all so heartbreaking.

  8. Hi Mrs D,

    Wow I can see that you are already supporting many great causes on your blog! So you may want to stay focused on your growing chip-in counters until the end of the year.

    But as you are one of Covenant House steady supporters on Twitter, I was wondering if you would consider posting a banner here to support us during the Holiday season.

    Of course you don't have to say yes, you are already doing so much for our kids! Just let me know, my email is sbargue(at)

    I take the opportunity to thank you warmly for your support, we really appreciate it!

    I hope the ChipIn will keep on growing fast.
    Have a merry Christmas!

  9. Thought I already posted---sorry!

    What a great idea. Gave to all 4 because I just couldn't choose! Thanks!