Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Learning To Say Thank You

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My sister-in-law refuses to send thank you notes.  She says that, if you're going to see the person every day, you don't need to send a note.  I was raised that you sit down the DAY AFTER and you PERSONALIZE each one of those thank you cards, thankyouverymuch.

I will admit, I've gotten a bit lax at times, but I try my darndest to send out thank you notes.  Hand written, so that the person knows that I took the time to think about them with each pen stroke.

Thank you notes to friends...to family...to God.  That is one that I probably neglect the most.

So I would like to make today's thank you note.

Thank you, Father!  Thank you for the good and bad, the happy and sad and:

1) For waking up
2) For sleeping in
3) For a great physical today
4) For being able to draw prayers on the doctor's paper on the bed
5) For a good lunch
6) For A lunch
7) For an unexpected phone call
8) For cleaning supplies that really work
9) For the kindness of a good friend
10) For recipes that I'm excited to make
11) For water, cold water
12) For a cat who drinks my water
13) For moments that are teaching me patience
14) For a husband who doesn't question that I NEED whipped cream vodka or supports me in moments that seem insane
15) For blood being drawn
16) For partial answers for beautiful friends, even though they are somewhat hard
17) For fully cooked potatoes
18) For random CDs in the mail
19) For hearing from Belinda
20) For bedtime stories
21) For Bible stories
22) For making stories every day

What are you feeling thankful for?


  1. For the reminder that I need to write thank you notes! So important! and I am such a slacker!

  2. You! You are fabulous in so many ways!

    And for a wonderful husband who puts up with my special brand of crazy!

  3. Hi there Mrs D!!

    For a God who answers my cry.