Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just Call It 'Hormonal'

Ugh. I never thought I'd do this. I heard Sarah Silverman say once that she didn't want any 'vagina babies.' A bit vulgar, but I agreed with her! I've always said that I've wanted to adopt, but I had a dream last night.

Normally, I have really ridiculous dreams, like my grandmother and I are being chased through my old elementary school by a group of Nazis that actually look like SWAT team members. But this one was very real.

I was standing in a bathroom and there was a pregnancy test in my hand and it's positive. And so I take another one and it's positive too. I was really excited. Then I think the cat jumped on my head or something and I woke up.

And it was one of those dreams, you know, where you wake up and you still have that same feeling you did in the dream? Of course, now I'm at work and I'm on the verge of tears thinking about this dream. Steve's asking, 'are you alright?' Yeah, I guess I'm just a bit hormonal.

So now I'm looking up baking supplies and trying not to think about it. Have you ever had dreams like that? Or at least dreams that felt so real?


  1. Do you need to go get a couple of tests???
    just found out my best friend is pregnant with her 4th child in 4 years!!!
    told her about the adoption and she wants to adopt aswell....think they need to give it a break for a bit though.
    love you.

  2. I have had super real dreams and it sucks to wake up b/c then I think that the dream was real life and it takes me a few minutes to realize, "Oh... that was a dream." Almost like I have to convince myself. I think you are just having too much "baby" in your real life and that is influencing your dreams!

  3. Oh yeah I do! Not ones about being pregnant but I do recall some so real that the emotions and feelings they bring last well into days following that dream.

    Who knows what they mean?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. I usually do not remember my dreams..not vividly, anyway.
    Hugs, andrea

  5. I hate waking up and thinking that my dreams are real...blah!

  6. Oh, yeah! God talks to us in dreams! What a dream of hope, of tomorrow, of new life He gave you. If it is a message dream, what do you think He said to you:)