Monday, May 31, 2010

Experimenting With Our Food

NO! Nothing gross.

I was standing at the checkout line when we first got groceries after we got back and I had a small basket and it was $85. $85!! I looked at it and thought...

"You know, most people can only eat on $2 a day and look at me?"

So my husband and I decided that we're going to try and eat on $2 a day. Of course, we're starting with a full pantry, which most people don't have, but we're going to try and just eat what we have and only spend $2 a day (or $4 since there's two of us).

He wasn't too happy about the second part...

We're also going to try and do vegetarian/fish only for that month. It certainly cuts down on price, it's better for you and that's what most of the world eats instead of red meat.

My sister-in-law suggested that we go with depression-era recipes. Do you have any good vegetarian recipes or anything that you make on a budget?


  1. Cheese quesadillas with beans (I prepare canned black beans with onion, thyme, cumin, and chicken bouillion) are delicious and cheap. I also often make taco soup: 3 cans of beans (whatever you fancy), 3 cans of veggies (again, whichever), 1 packet of taco seasoning, and 1 packet of ranch seasoning. It costs a little more, but it'll make 6-8 servings when served over rice and is great for leftovers.

  2. What a great adventure. I love the recipe posted above. Stopping from SITS!

  3. Wow, what an impressive experiment. I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the wonderful and caring words. It meant so much to me!

    P.S. I'm a new follower. :)

  4. Interesting challenge. Good luck to you guys. I would definitely suggest some bean and rice dishes. I often throw chopped onions, green peppers and celery in the crock pot, along with 3-4 cans of whatever beans I have on hand, assorted seasonings and let it simmer on low for 4 hours. Serve over brown rice and you've got a tasty meal.