Thursday, June 17, 2010

I want...

I want to eat meat.
I want to buy beer with my husband.
I want to get raspberries and fruits!!

But it's not within the budget. So we'll have to wait a few more weeks.

It's interesting. We're not even being too too strict (my sister-in-law and her boyfriend, as well as their child are coming to visit us and you know, those things go out the window with guests) and it's still hard!

A word of advice: if printing coupons from a computer, make sure that you use a darker black or a color printer. There are little circles in those online coupons and, at least at Shop Rite, if they can't see them (I was the only one who could out of 4 of us), they won't take your coupon.

An example of our not being strict:

I took my husband to Boston to celebrate his birthday a bit late (or, you know, 3 months late) and we didn't spend too too much there, except for dinner. :) I know, I know! I'll be better.


  1. when traveling, I feel like you ought to spend the most money on the food. Have a real culinary experience and eat something that you can't get at home. That is one big lobster.

  2. Keep at it! :) and splurge when necessary :/

  3. I love how you are really staying within your budget. It will teach us all it's possible to make small changes that will impact us in mighty ways.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Woww that is a lobster :)

    by the way, would you mind to review my game ? or become a beta tester ? :)

    if you don't mind visit here Sis..