Monday, June 14, 2010

To Be Bald

I always told my husband that I was just going to shave my head. Or that I had shaved my head. And he would always say 'No!' or 'Yeah, right.'

Well...I've got 11 days before I'm doing it and he'll be watching. :)

My husband said that he was a conscientious objector to my head shaving and I finally got him to say why.

It's our 11 year dating anniversary coming up. He's been with me through thick and thin (and I mean that in all sorts of ways). We grew up in a small town and well...I was fat (though he would say he never noticed that and he thinks I'm crazy) and I was a nerd and I was made fun of.

And my husband said that he didn't want me to be fun of like that. To get the stares like I used to. In high school, I even got pointed and laughed at. When I brought it up in class, someone said, 'If you don't want people to talk about you, you shouldn't dress like that.' My response was, 'I don't care if people talk about it, but I thought we were older than pointing and laughing.'

We were. But that's besides the point. ;)

My husband was afraid I would get that. At the same time, we do live in New York City and I think that if I had an arm growing out of my head, people still wouldn't notice.

I've got 11 days and we now have 13 shavees!! Wish me luck! I'll take any and all prayers that we hit our goal of $10,000. As for my hair, BRING IT ON, BABY!!

If you want to see my progress so far, please visit here:


  1. That is so sweet.

    My son once shaved his head for a brain surgery patient.

    It grows back! What you are doing will create a lot of conversations so be prepared with a answer :)

    Take care! God bless! Praying!

  2. Well, at least it will be cool for the summer!!!