Thursday, August 12, 2010

Holy Cow! It's Been Forever :)

Sorry about that. And I have a few things to tell you!

I wish I had pictures - I saw Father Greg Boyle speak at The Strand in New York City. He was telling us stories about the homies and how to love the poor. His book 'Tattoos On The Heart' is amazing and I literally have purchased 15 copies to send to friends and family.

He was telling us this story:

He was taking two homies up state in California when he hears that one of them has a text message. A guy from Homeboy has texted him saying, 'Hey, vato, I'm in jail.' And the guy with Father G says, 'What?' Father G is thinking...oh no. When the guy in the car gets a second message, 'Yeah, I was arrested for being the ugliest vato in East L.A. I need you to come back and prove that they got the wrong guy!'

The thing was, these two guys who were joking back and forth by text message were from rival gangs. They should have hated each other. Loved it!

I was the third person in line to get my book signed. He signed it 'With a no-matter-whatness, Father Boyle.' I made a comment about the book and he said, 'You've read it?' And I said, 'Twice!' (You could almost say three times now) and he seemed stunned. I told him I'd purchased 15 copies, but I'm not sure he believed me. ;)

I have pictures to post from the Sara Groves concert Steve and I went to as well, but I'll do that at home. I called my dad after that concert and he was asking me where we were. I told him that we had gone to an Amy Grant concert, but didn't stay for the main act because we had only gone for Sara Groves.

My dad: 'Wait, so you went to a concert for the opening act? You paid money to see the band BEFORE the show is supposed to be?'
Me: 'Yeah!'
My dad: 'Danae, you have always been your own person.'

HA! Cracked me up. I didn't think it was THAT weird.

How are you guys doing? How have you been?


  1. You didn't stay for Amy Grant? I LOVE AMY GRANT!

  2. You're cute. And you're allowed to be your own person. I always find it a major perk when I enjoy an opening band, but I've never skipped the headliner. :)

  3. I've seen Amy Grant several times. Even got backstage passes to meet her once! That was a gift from God, and a long story to boot.

    Sarah Groves is great too. So I guess you march to the beat of a different drummer, eh?