Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Dream

Yeah, it seems as of late that I've been a dreamer. I had asked God for a dream, but I was looking for a simpler one. ;) (It's okay Big Man, I'll take what I can get)

A few weeks ago, I actually auditioned for the Wheel of Fortune (this is real). I made it to the last round and they said that, if we were selected, we would get a letter in the mail.

So here's the dream. It's short:

I received a letter from the Wheel of Fortune people and they wanted ME on the show! My NAME was on that letter! But then I realized that the details didn't really describe me. They were talking about someone who had ALL sorts of tattoos and I only have two. In my dream, I was nervous: should I call up the people and tell them that they had the wrong person or should I just go on the show?

Then I woke up.

In the end, I do have to tell you...the dreams I've been having lately are MUCH better than the ones I grew up with...those always involved the death of my brother or me being chased through my elementary school by Nazis. I'll take letters in the mail any day over being burned at the stake by pirates :-D


  1. This made me laugh. I'm a wordsy person, so I'd LOVE to be on Wheel of Fortune!

  2. Wow! I love that show. How awesome that you might be on it! Please let me know if you get that letter. I'll be rooting for you.

    The dream...maybe you don't feel like you have the 'stamp' of approval for this undertaking? Like you aren't good enough? You are MORE than good enough, beloved daughter of the Lord! You get your butt on that show and show them what's what!