Friday, July 30, 2010

I Trust You Guys

I do. So I'm going to tell you about something.

I met a woman in South Africa. I really like her and she's sweet. But she's asked me for a car.

For me to be able to do that, I would have to drain my savings account, sell my possessions and probably move in with family.

So why do I still feel so guilty?

I know that Jesus tells us to give to all who asks of us and I feel like telling her no is going against that. Ugh.

And I'm just worrying and spinning!!!! I know I need to be still. It feels like it's all coming at once.

But it will be okay. It will all be worked for good and it will be okay.

But what do you think?


  1. Breathe, say you cant do it, I have already told her it wont work so dont stress. God has helpped her so far, just pray that He will continue to do so.
    I love and miss you so much, wish you were here.

  2. You are such a giving person that I can imagine how difficult this must be for you.

    I think it would be different if you guys were a two-car family and one of those cars was excess, like, you didn't really need it, so you could just sell it and send the money to this woman. But if you can't afford to buy a car for yourself, I don't think God expects you to buy a car for someone else. She wants a car but maybe God has other ways for you to help her, even if it's just through prayer. Keep us posted on what he tells you.

  3. This worries me. True, we should all be giving, but we also have to consider the reality of the request. Not all requests are meant to be fulfilled. Prayer will take care of what you cannot.