Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Prayer Request

I know that God answers our prayers. I totally know that. But sometimes I feel like I should keep things private. But maybe I shouldn't. Maybe I need to ask for help.

So...if you'd be willing...

Could you please PLEASE pray that Steve gets a job interview soon? We've both been pretty down about our jobs and he has a possible opportunity that would be amazing...I can't get TOO specific, but it would be SUPER amazing if Steve got an interview.

He interviewed with this company three years ago and ALMOST got the job. I've been praying about it, but I could always use the help.

If you could also please let anyone and everyone know, I would really appreciate that! :)


  1. Count on it! PRAYING! It's my favorite!

    Ask with boldness! The Lord can handle it~!

  2. I will absolutely be praying! The power of prayer to too tremendous to keep prayers a secret. :)

  3. Hubby and I will pray. I also posted a prayer request for him. To God be the glory!