Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Don't Like Pizza

It's true.  I have actually been told I'm UnAmerican because of this!  I don't like pizza.  When I got pizza as a child (in fact, both my sister and I would do this), we would pull the cheese off and I would take it a step further and wipe off all the spaghetti sauce.  Even now, I don't like sauce and cheese like that.  I eat the mushrooms off my pizza, give my cheese to a small child or my husband, wipe off the sauce and eat the bread.  I can't help myself.

But Super Bowl weekend, my husband got a pizza that was AMAZING.  And yes, I said it.  Amazing.  So amazing.  That I made him order it again this weekend.

It's from a small place in Jersey City called "Carmine's Pizza Factory" and it's the BBQ Chicken Wing Pizza:

And yes, that is a swirl of RANCH DRESSING on that pizza.  I love it.

My husband laughed and said, "I can't believe it took you 25 years, but I'm glad you found a pizza you like."


  1. Truly a great post and just goes to show if we try hard enough we can find something we do like.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. That is one huge piece of pizza! I have to admit, I never heard of anyone not liking pizza. I absolutely love it!

    We have a pizza place in town that makes buffalo chicken pizza - probably similar to yours. Love that too.

    Did you ever eat at Grimaldi's? It's right under the Brooklyn Bridge. That's my favorite of all.

  3. hahaha! I do enjoy the non-traditional pizzas as well!

    Nice blog redesign! :)