Monday, January 9, 2012

Looking For Help In Africa

I have only been to Africa once and it was to visit a friend.  I met her when I decided to donate my wedding dress and it's been a wild ride since then.  She and her husband run a charity in The Valley of 1,000 Hills in South Africa called Project O.  They live by faith with their two children, Joe and Jesse.

One thing that they desperately need right now is a car.  At the moment, Vashti can't get her kids to school, go to church or get to the store.  But then there's something else...

This is Ronelle (with the smile).  She lives at a homeless shelter.  But homeless shelters in South Africa are different.  You have to pay for them.  She's been just scrapping by with her children, but she's extremely ill at the moment.  Vashti thinks that she may have TB.  What we do know is that she doesn't have a way to get to the hospital and she's terrified to go alone - Ronelle fears that social services will come and take her children away if she leaves them at the shelter.

Vashti's birthday is January 14th and I know that, more than anything, the best birthday gift for her would to be able to take Ronelle to the hospital so that her best friend would be all right.

If you could prayerfully consider donating, even $5 would help, please feel free to donate here.  It should take you to a PayPal page.  If you get an error message, please visit here and click on the "donate" button in the right hand corner. 

We are a big human family and the body of Christ.  I know that together we can change lives, one grace-filled step at a time.

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  1. I love you. Thanks for doing this. You are such a blessing. xxx