Monday, August 31, 2009


I freaking love FMM. :) It's been awhile. If you want to join, head over to Amber's blog.

This week, it's 20 questions!!

1. Do you cook every night?
Do you include peanut butter and jelly? Or a bottle of wine and anything you can find in the fridge? My husband and I have those nights every once in awhile...okay. Fine. More often then not. Especially when we're trying to get rid of the food in the house because we're going to be at weddings in Ohio. ;)

2. What kind of laundry detergent do you use & why?
I try to use Seventh Generation, but I'll use anything as long as it's unscented.

3. Do you do laundry every day or loads at a time?
We do laundry every two weeks. It's hard to get it down to the laundromat. It's over 10 blocks away and we don't like to lug it there too too often.

4. How often do you eat out per week?

We've gotten better about it! We actually haven't eaten out in a week or two. It used to be like three times a week.

5. Where do you usually eat out?
Nomado 33 (it's our favorite sushi place, but a little bit far away)...otherwise...umm...Well, I guess that's about it. There aren't too many fast food places near us.

6. What is your favorite retail store?
There are no retail stores in Manhattan!! But if I were in Ohio, it would be Target.

7. What's your favorite thing to drink?
Orange juice

8. Do you take vitamins? What kind?
I should

9. What percentage of the household chores to you do?
Umm...this is iffy. It depends. It goes anywhere from 0% (this is bad, but I rarely do the laundry) to 100% (I'm the only one that cleans the bathroom). Otherwise, it depends on the week.

10. Do your children do chores? {Or will they, did they, etc}
If I had kids, yes. And I'd actually pick up my clothes off the floor (a bad habit I picked up from my husband!)

11. Do you go to church?
Yes! We've found a church that we love and that has been helping us really grow in our faith. I love it. :)

12. Do you have a housework schedule?
Absolutely not.

13. Do you keep a working budget?
Umm...we pretend to. We're okay with our money...kind of. Rent really kills our bank account.

14. What do you do at night as a family?
We eat dinner together, watch Spongebob or bad horror films, we read the Bible together before we go to bed.

15. How do you prepare yourself for a new week?
I bake! I try and have a bake sale on Mondays for Project O. I just got back into it so that makes me happy!! This week is chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate cookies (also known as World Peace cookies), snickerdoodles, and peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. :) Then I made biscuits for dinner.

16. What do your mornings look like?
I get up around 8:00am, barely get ready, and then head to work early so that I can check all my e-mail and everything.

17. What time do you get up in the mornings?
8:00am :)

18. What time do you go to bed at night?
It depends. Lately, it's been 10:30am on the weekdays and 1am on the weekends.

19. How do you manage all of the paperwork that floods into your household? {bills, school work, magazines, ads, etc}
It's ALL over the table. All over it. Then, about once a month, we recycle almost everything and then put the bills on the desk that we then organize once every three months (we will have a LOT to change when we have kids!!!)

20. How do you keep your household organized? {calendars, charts, etc}
I have a calender in my purse. And on my wall at work. Otherwise, I have post-it notes all over our apartment. In my mind, I'm organized!! I swear!!


  1. I like the idea of preparing for the week by baking...that's awesome. hehe

  2. hiya! Im skipping FMM this week as most of my questions would be me laughing while trying to come up with a domesticated answer!
    Wish the Project O bake sale took place here at Project O!!!!!! I could use some of your cookies on a weekly basis! When you guys are over you will have to bring a crap load of recipes and we can bake together.....the staff will love you and want to keep you.
    Cant wait till MAY!!!!!!

  3. Ooooo! I would totally bake with you!! That sounds like a ton of fun!! :-D

  4. Baking to prepare for the week?! Sounds great to me! :)

  5. Great answers!

    Stopping over from FMM. Happy Monday!

  6. I tend to also bake on Sunday, just so we can have a special treat during the week.

    Happy Monday to you!

  7. Oh my gosh I don't know how you live without a Target!!! Very cool list- have a good rest of your Monday!

  8. All great answers...this was like a meme...I especially like how you work together as a family ;)

  9. Baking on Sunday is a great idea!

    Loved everyone's answers!

  10. yay for not having to get up before 8:00 am!!!!! I love my post it notes!!!