Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome Back!

Hi everyone,
Sorry I've been gone. I just got back from Hong Kong/South Korea yesterday afternoon and I haven't had time to get much done.

But it was a great trip! Met a business partner of my dad and the partner's wife. Actually SAW North Korea, though did not enter it. Crawled through a tunnel that the North Koreans built to march into South Korea. Ate TONS of Bulgogi and kimchi (even if my sister and mom hated it). Also, ever had Red Mango? The frozen yogurt? So started in South Korea! So we got that there too.

And it made me love Hong Kong even more!! I wasn't there long enough. Fortunately, we'll be in Hong Kong for about 10 days for Christmas, so I'll get to do all the favorites: Modern Toilet (the toilet diner, where you sit on toilets to eat and everything is shaped like urinals and such), Solo Mio (our favorite Italian), etc. I love HK!!!

I need to post some pictures. Hopefully I can do that tonight. How's your summer going?

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  1. Modern Toilet? How funny! Sounds like a great trip...glad you're back safe & sound!