Monday, April 12, 2010

Tattoos On The Heart

I love to read. I really do, I just don't always get the chance since Steve and I ride the trains together and I prefer to talk to him when he's around.

But I read a book in about two days. 210 pages in 2 days! Yes, it is that good.

Tattoos On The Heart is about Homeboy Industries. When I started reading it, I realized that I actually had heard of it before! Homeboy Industries helps to employ gang members who wish to make a positive change in their lives. It was started by a priest (Gregory Boyle) in 1985. AND it was on T.I.'s 'Road To Redemption' show that aired on MTV. That was how I'd heard of it.

This book is absolutely amazing. It is about how God doesn't see any of us to be less than anyone else. How God has a boundless compassion and love for all of His children and that no amount of mistakes that we make will ever make Him stop calling us. It's about how he's buried so many children because of gang violence and how they've changed G's life. :)

If you're at all interested, I'd recommend this book for everyone, you can check it out on Amazon:


  1. Thank you for this recommendation. Sounds AWESOME!
    Blessings, andrea

  2. That sounds like something that would make me shout...gonna check it out!

  3. WOW what a great recommendation and a must read for anyone!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat