Thursday, October 7, 2010

Community Center Construction: Northern Iraq

My husband would call me a 'bleeding heart,' but I just can't help myself. I received a message on Facebook about the organization World Orphans. They are both helping restore the church in many places and reaching out to hurting communities.

I was really excited to see something happening in Iraq! So here's the information below:

Community Center Construction: Northern Iraq

Iraq has been torn apart by conflict and strife for decades. Sectarian violence and an international war have wreaked havoc on this land. Around two million Iraqis have been displaced just since the recent conflict and about 100,000 have died. In a place hostile to Christianity, the church is small yet surprisingly strong. In Northern Iraq, referred to as Kurdistan by the locals, the church is reaching out to a hurting community comprised mainly of widows and their children who lost their fathers fighting Saddam Hussein. This area is known as "The Freedom Martyr's Village" and is where the government gave World Orphans one acre of land for the building of the community center and playground facilities. The community center to be used as a vocational and counseling center. In order to provide a measure of sustainability to the project, they have decided to build a second floor that will house a celebration hall for weddings and other special events in the community. Construction of the community center will cost approximately $285,000 with $100,000 already raised.

If you would like to visit here, just click the link here.


  1. You just have a heart for giving. I think it's beautiful that you use your voice to cry out for those who may not be able to do that for themselves.

    Cry out for those in need. And bless those who cannot speak for themselves.

  2. Love this post! There are so many innocent people living there that are completely opposed to the ideals there "leaders" impose on their country and those living there.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat