Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Cost

I used to give to Mocha Club. Have you ever heard of it? It's the idea that $7 a month, the cost of two drinks from Starbucks, could change someone's world.

So I was thinking and Googling...

The average American spends $2,698 on entertainment, $6,133 on food and around $400 on cigarettes.

My church actually posted a really great study.

- For 10 cents, you can provide one feeding for a baby in a refugee camp
- For 50 cents, you can provide food for a baby in a refugee camp in Tanzania or Angola.
- For the price of the Sunday newspaper, you can provide food for a day for an AIDS orphan or street child in South America or Africa
- For $10, you can provide a small grove of trees to protect the soil from erosion in Zambia
- For the price of a baseball game ticket (but not in New York...like bleacher seats), you can provide enough maize, bean, and groundnut seeds for a Mozambiquan family to replant after floods

I mean, I could implore you guys to give or to give monthly, but I'm not going to (though does saying that still count?). I also don't want to make you feel guilty about how you spend your money (I always feel guilty and I don't want that for you!). I just want to lay it all out because my husband and I always feel that there's never enough in the bank account...but those pennies that we pick up on the street could do some real good.


  1. I had to stop giving to Mocha Club too because of finances but if we had a stable money situation, then I would totally still be giving. And I know I should trust that God will provide, but... I still get nervous.

  2. I never heard of the Mocha club. We sponsor 2 kids in Brazil, and I can't tell you the good it does my heart to read their precious letters. We hope to visit them one day...