Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Missing the Music

I miss making music.

I haven't played a tuba in almost four years and it makes me a little sad. 

It's Tuba Christmas time and I think that makes it a bit sadder.  Have you ever heard of Tuba Christmas?  Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.


Tubas and euphoniums and baritones all over the place!  At the one in Akron, Ohio that I used to attend, there were Christmas lights on tubas. 

But tubas start at $6,000 and that is WAY out of the budget.


  1. That is crazy expensive for a musical instrument! But I know how you feel. I miss playing the piano. Part of me is like, why didn't I play more when I actually had one at my disposal?

  2. If God wants you to worship Him with a will. I never heard of 'Tuba Christmas.' Interesting! You are always surprising me with your...ahem...obsessions...

    Love ya!!!