Friday, December 3, 2010

An Interesting Observation

Someone asked me for directions today while I was walking to work.  This led me to an interesting observation.


This is my before picture.  People would often stop me and ask for directions.  I was actually walking with a friend from out of town and she couldn't believe how many people would stop me to ask for directions.  I'm somewhat small, I don't normally look mean and I'm female (Seriously).


Some of you may know that I shaved my head in June for St. Baldricks.  Once this happened, no one asked me for directions.  In fact, I walked into the pantry with my boss and she jumped - she said I looked like I would mug her.  People did stare.  A few asked if I had cancer.


And I have hair again now!  And I've also had at least two people ask me for directions this week.


  1. Sometimes I wish I didn't look so approachable b/c I get approached by some not so savory characters. Also because whenever someone asks me for directions, I always go, "uh.... where are we now?" I never know where things are in relation to where I am!

  2. I love you. Did you eat that whole burger???

  3. I didn't even make it through a quarter of the burger. In fact, we still have some of it in our fridge from a week ago. Slow and steady.

    How are you doing, Vashti? How's England? xx