Monday, January 31, 2011

Cookies and Oreos and Brownies, Oh My!

When people ask me to make things, they normally ask me to make pillow cookies.  Pillow cookies are AWESOME!  They are a chocolate chip cookie with a brownie inside.

My boss actually sent me a recipe (not knowing that I am famous at my church for pillow cookies) about a chocolate chip cookie with an OREO inside of it.  How crazy is that?

Cookie Progression:

The cookies were actually REALLY good.  That was my half.

Do you have any good, fun recipes you'd like to share?


  1. Why do you not live closer so that I can eat those with you? Diet be damned!

  2. I love, love these! Ship me a batch! lol I would love to have it so much!

  3. Got this from a friend. Enjoy!

    Jack Daniels Brownies
    (brownie, made in a cupcake pan, with jack daniels caramel filling and a bailey's glaze)

    Make brownies as you regularly would, but in a cupcake pan.
    For the filling, make JD caramel ( and for the glaze, confectioners sugar and Baileys.