Monday, April 4, 2011

Day ...?: Lazy, Lazy Rice

Ugh!  I don't know if lazy is right, but so SO busy.  I've only skipped one other rice day, but I've been pretty regular.  But half of my pictures are on one camera and half are on another and I've been baking and...those are all my excuses.  I couldn't even be bothered to figure out how many days I've been doing this.  But I'll let you in to what I've been up to this past week/weekend:

Bakesale For Japan in NYC!  They raised over $4,300 in New York and, the tally isn't in yet, but they think it's over $100,000 nationally!

 At church, testing the camera.

Watoto Children's Choir visited us from Uganda.

They were really good.  I helped cook for them.  Took me almost all of Saturday.

This is my tired rice...right before I realized that Vindaloo had projectile vomited across the couch.
My Easter bonnet cookies!  I made fondant decorations for them.  I'm going to make them for our Easter bakesale.

Here's what I'm watching today!

 Rock and Wrap It Up

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