Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 24: No Rice Day

I have a confession.  I did NOT eat rice yesterday.  But I had a good reason.

In 2008, I passed out on the subway.  It totally sucked.  I ended up going to the hospital because I didn't know what was going on (my vision had gone white and it had never happened to me before and I was alone).  I've gone to a couple different doctors.  Blah blah blah (this part is boring), but I eventually got to a new cardiologist who ordered a tilt table test.

What is a tilt table test, you may ask?'s kind of like it sounds.  I got hooked up to an EKG or whatever and they monitored my blood pressure for awhile while I watched Judge Mathis.  Then they take you to a room, strap you to a table and then put that table at a 75 degrees angle and pretty much stare at you for 20 minutes.  The goal is to get you to pass out.

Oh yes.  And, if I didn't pass out the first time, I would have had to do it again with a pill that would help me pass out.  The goal is to see what's causing me to pass out.

The room was cold and they wrapped me up in warm blankets, which was great at first, but I get overheated really quickly.  I didn't fully pass out, but I came as close to it as I've been since 2008.  And it was 10x worse then what I did before!  Plus, I had to fast all day (my test was at 3:15pm by the time they figured it all out) so that didn't help.

By the time I got out of the hospital, I went back to work (boo!!) and wasn't feeling that great and I ended up getting Chipotle for dinner.

Long story short, I'm justifying why I didn't eat my rice.  I should have!  Forgive me.  And I'll be back on track tonight.


  1. so do they know what the deal is? Or are you waiting for test results?

  2. Low blood pressure and a small vena cava. I need more salt and water. Thanks for asking :)


  3. So, basically you should drink a little ocean water? ;)

    Glad its nothing serious. My brother-in-law had to do that and they found a whole in his heart. Good times. :P

    I bet your Chipotle included rice... and I think that counts! :)

  4. LOL Yeah. I was feeling really blessed that it was just that I need more salt and not something crazy like a hole. Ack!