Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 21: Cheating Rice

Yeah, I did it.  I TOTALLY did it.  I ate my rice dinner, but afterwards, I sat with my husband and we ate some ice cream together.  I don't see my husband often this time of year and it seemed like a good idea.  It was a really GOOD idea.  I hope that you'll forgive my indiscretion.


I think a lot of people know World Vision.  Here's something about me: I love gift catalogs.  Not like Sears, but I love catalogs where you can buy a lamb or buy an education.  Save the Children has it.  Mercy Corps has it.  And World Vision has it to.

The image for the Horn of Africa food crisis, under the Hunger subject on their catalog really caught my attention.

Here's the video of World Vision's workers discussing the Horn of Africa food crisis:

Here's what the website says:
A severe drought and food crisis is threatening the lives of more than 7 million people — especially young children — in the Horn of Africa. Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia are the worst affected. World Vision is responding, and any donation you give today will multiply 6 times to provide emergency food and health care, and meet other urgent needs for children and families in the Horn of Africa.

6 times?!  If you donate $10, you're giving $60 worth of food.  I think that's amazing and it's very much needed.

If you would like to donate to help the Horn of Africa food crisis, please feel free to click HERE.

You can also give gifts where most needed and you can get some pretty cool stuff in the process.  Here's what I'd like to do/get/give:
The Poverty & Justice Bible.  It highlights over 2,000 verses in the Bible that are about poverty and justice.  And here's what the website says:
With more than 2,000 verses on poverty and justice highlighted, this Bible enables its reader to more deeply understand God's heart toward the poor and marginalized.
If you would like to donate to where it's needed most and possibly get The Poverty & Justice Bible or something else like that, please click HERE.


  1. How is Jimmy Fallon's ice cream flavor?

  2. Freaking amazing. I loved it at the Ben & Jerry's store and it's even better getting it in a pint because there are even more chocolate potato chip clusters.

  3. Hey, I LOVE your new background!

    Congrats on the rice journey.

    I'll keep World Vision in mind...right now our pockets are emptied for Japan.

    Love ya!