Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 6: Shhh!

Be quiet, rice!  He's sleeping!

For being the day of rest, I will be getting none of it. (Which explains why we're having breakfast rice today)  Which, normally, would be somewhat all right.  But since my immune system is a bit weak at the moment, I'm feeling like I'm dragging.  Could it be from the rice diet, not getting enough vitamins?  Or a lack of sleep?  I'm not sure, but I can say that I'm already hungry and I JUST finished my bowl less than 3 minutes ago.

REST today, if you can!  :)

I've been feeling guilty lately.  I have realized how much food I've thrown out and I've tried to stop.  But as I throw away the half-eaten salad I got yesterday, even though I know that I don't eat salads, I have to stop and think.  How much food does America waste?  Here are some statistics:

-According to America’s Second Harvest, over 41 billion pounds of food have been wasted this year.
-According to a 2004 study from the University of Arizona (UA) in Tucson, on average, American households waste 14 percent of their food purchases.
Fifteen percent of that includes products still within their expiration date but never opened. Timothy Jones, an anthropologist at the UA Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology who led the study, estimates an average family of four currently tosses out $590 per year, just in meat, fruits, vegetables and grain products.

Nationwide, Jones says, household food waste alone adds up to $43 billion, making it a serious economic problem.

- Official surveys indicate that every year more than 350 billion pounds of edible food is available for human consumption in the United States. Of that total, nearly 100 billion pounds - including fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, and grain products - are lost to waste by retailers, restaurants, and consumers.

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