Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cake Question

Hey Everyone!
I do have a question for you, for any of you who bake/make cakes.  I'm making a triple layer cake and I used buttercream on it, but I'm thinking that it's too heavy and it's breaking the second layer.

As I look, each time I look, the center has fallen just a little bit more.  Do you know of a viable option that is NOT fondant?  I'm feeling like I would need far more time for a full fondant cake than I have.  I'm not that proficient with cake making yet.


  1. Falling apart or not, that cake looks awesome! What possessed you to want to make a Rubik's Cube cake? Do you need help eating it before it falls apart? :)

  2. Haha! If you come up to my office, it's still here on my desk.

    I'm actually making it for an 80's themed charity dance. I'm going to try making it with ganache next week and maybe finding a sturdier cake.

  3. Use a denser cake and put cardboard under each layer.

  4. I'm definitely going with the denser cake idea. The problem with the cardboard is that the part that is sagging is the center, the part that wouldn't have the cardboard underneath. I'm hoping the denser cake will make up for it! I guess we'll see...otherwise I'll have to make the cake one big block and not the "in progress" look.

    Thanks for the suggestion!