Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Please Stop Feeding The Homeless"

Have you ever heard of Passive-Aggressive Notes?  It's a site where people post notes that have been left on their cars, in their apartments, at the bathroom at work and other pretty random places.  I had been going through a few of them when I saw this one:

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The comments on the post are mixed, but I can understand the people who read this note and say, "What's happened to charity?" or "What's happened to taking care of each other?"

Of course, after I was thinking of this, I was walking through the mall on my way to the grocery store around where I live.  I was on the phone with my husband to tell him I was okay (we had a "suspicious package" train evacuation and I had texted him about it) when a homeless woman approached me asking for a dollar.  I told her that I'd have to check (I rarely carry cash).  She started to mumble as I was searching and I realized that she wasn't mentally stable.  I found a dollar, gave it to her and then continued to walk and talk to my husband on the phone.  Something made me turn around and she was actually lunging at me and mumbling to herself.  When I looked, she turned on her heel and walked away.

I hope you aren't thinking, "So what's the moral of this story?  What's she trying to say?"

We can't forget people's humanity.  And maybe they won't appreciate it or maybe they'll still wish us harm, but, even if it's just $1, we can't turn our backs on people.

I remember reading a comic once that really struck me.  It was a hot day and there was a poor, homeless family sitting there and next to them was tied a dog and the dog was really hot (it was not their dog, someone had just left it there).  Then a woman comes by and says, "How horrible!  I need to help you!"  The family smiles, but then they realize that she was speaking to the dog and she brought him a bowl of water.

Animals are innocent and I know that's the argument.  An animal has no choice in life, but humans do.  But does that mean that we should care for an animal above a human?  Can't we at least put them on the same playing field?

It's a hard situation.  Some people want help and don't receive it.  Some people are mentally ill and want to be left alone on the streets.  The least we can do is see the humanity that is in each person, even if it's difficult.  I know I still stumble, but I'm trying.  Like my mother always said, "Just try your best.  No one can ask anymore from you."

If you would like to help the homeless, please visit:
For homeless teenagers: Covenant House
For homeless veterans: Stand Down
For homeless men and women: The Bowery Mission


  1. I agree with you!! We can never stop doing what's right... and about the comic ... wow! It's so true! I had a boss who always carried a huge bag of dog food with her in her truck... and she would stop and feed dogs in the streets! she almost had a "route" she would go through everyday! That's good and it's generous of her... but if you told her about children who were hungry and things like that she wasn't moved at all! and she would even say: "many already help children, besides, they can speak and animals can't!" HOW sad!!!! People are more important than animals! No matter what!!! our "neighbor" is not an animal... is a person... we should treat animals right, of course ... But we should care more for people! anyway... Thanks for posting this! Loved it!