Friday, March 11, 2011

"Mighty" Max

The original post was on Tabitha's site.  Please feel free to visit her there!  She's a lovely person :)

Max Low is a 12-year-old with terminal cancer. His big wish is to receive a million get well cards. Please encourage everyone you know to send him a special card and pray for a miracle! 

Cards can be sent to:
“Mighty” Max Low
c/o Greg and Bambi Low
P.O. Box 111
Neola, Iowa 51559

We all can take a minute and send a card to this young man. Our President even took the time out of his busy schedule to send him a card (that is awesome!) Of all things…this is what he wants :) It touches our hearts! Kids with cancer are so inspirational in their strength and love.

Here is an update on Max: 

We can give...our time, our support, our money, our shoulder, our services. Every one of us has the capacity to give something…even a greeting card :)

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  1. I seen this post on a friends Facebook status and immediately wanted to help. I will do everything I possible can to help make this happen for Max. Of all the things most kids would have requested, he asked for something that would take a moment. Just from that you know he has to be one amazing kid. Everyone can take the time to mail a card and say a little prayer. I would like to know if there is a tracker set up so that we can watch him reach his goal?