Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 4: Together

Since this is tax season, my husband isn't home often.  But Fridays, he's allowed to leave around the same time I do (which makes me happy!).  My husband was a good sport and said that he'd do my rice day with me (though he's now eating a Crumbs cupcake) so I decided to make little rice hearts for my picture today since we're doing this together.  The seasoning that I put on top of the hearts is nanami togarashi, a chili pepper seasoning that I get in Japanese restaurants.

Like these little hearts, my heart goes out to Japan and the Japanese people.  I visited Japan when I was 16, with the idea that I may be moving there.  It was my first trip out of the country and we have some amazing stories from there.  I remember a woman asking if I was my brother's MOTHER (I was sixteen at the time and my brother was six) when we were in the subway.  When my mother said that not only was Max her son, but I was also her child she said, "Oh no, you are so young!"  And when my brother, sister and I went spinning around and around a revolving door (yeah, we REALLY didn't travel until we were older and were very amused by the little things) a man walked by, covering his face as he laughed at us, trying not to embarrass my parents.

Please pray for this special and unique land and it's people.  If you feel that God has called you to donate, there are many very good and respectable places:
Mercy Corps is in contact with their Japanese partner Peace Wind Japan, which will help use your money faster.
ELCA Disaster Response will use 100% of the money donated to help the people of Japan in this time of need.


Here's what I learned today:

Have you ever played Free Rice?  My friend actually uses it in the classroom to teach her kids both about vocabulary and world hunger.

You can change it to languages and it's been helping me remember my French vocabulary.

Free Rice has been advertising another website called WeFeedback.

Here's how it works:
It's easy: You choose your favorite food, put it into the Feedback Calculator along with the estimated cost, and then calculate how many hungry children this would feed. The next step is to donate exactly that amount. Or, if you want, you donate multiples of that amount. In this way you feedback more portions of your favorite food. (From WeFeedback's website)

So I thought I'd check out the calculator with one of my favorite foods - sushi:

Their calculator has sushi as a suggestion, so I clicked on that.  For me, it's easy to get $30 in sushi for just me!

Here's what the calculator told me:

Whoa!  My $30 could feed 120 children.  120 CHILDREN!!  It really puts things back in perspective.

Makes me re-think the designer milk I was thinking about getting this weekend.

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