Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 3: Like A Child

"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."- Matthew 18:3

Maybe I'm just taking it too literally.  And yes, I DO make the noises when I use my constructive tools utensils.  I was really excited about these and my husband bought them for me as a surprise.  I got them with the thought that someday, maybe, we'll have kids...and that I'd just use them until that happened.  Yeah, I just thought they were cool.

I was a bit of a cheater today.  My husband brought him some Chipotle chips.  We were walking through a rain storm and he gave me the chips saying they'd be soggy.  Thinking, okay, well, I don't want to waste I ate three or four of them and decided I could eat them for lunch tomorrow.  Forgive me!

I will admit - I'm still hungry.  Even 10 minutes after a bowl of rice, I'm hungry again.  I couldn't imagine being a child and only eating a bowl of rice for dinner.  How do they concentrate for the rest of the evening?  And I even CHEATED tonight.


In keeping with the child-like theme today, here's something I learned about today.  My sister-in-law knows my heart and she sent me a link to the cutest little robot plushies called Kauzbots.  Each robot is a different color and it stands for different things from helping refugees to autism to homelessness and to hunger.

Since I'm learning about hunger, I thought I'd introduce you to Karissa the Kauzbot.
(From Kauzbots)

Kauzbots even have their own little biographies.  Here's the beginning of Karissa's:
Karissa's heart is full of happiness when she fights world hunger and poverty. Karissa knows that hunger and poverty are big problems and social issues that have only gotten worse recently. In America alone 14.3% of people live in poverty and 14.6% live in homes where the food supply is unstable. Around the world, the number of people hungry has surpassed a staggering 1 billion in 2009 (FAO of United Nations).

10% of each Kauzbot goes to the cause that your robot supports.  For Karissa, the 10% goes to Share Our Strength, a group that helps feed hungry children in the U.S. and around the world.

I really love the idea of Kauzbots.  It kind of makes me think of TOMS shoes in that it allows you to be a conscious consumer, to provide for others while you buy things for yourself.

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  1. I saw Kauzbots at Toy Fair and spoke with the guy who created them. He used to be homeless but then he was taken in by a friend's family and was able to go to college and this is his way of giving back and helping other homeless kids and kids all over the world.