Friday, November 6, 2009

Men's Deodorant And I Can't Find...

Hi guys!
Sorry, it's been a bit. The exterminator came on Wednesday and everything had to be boxed up, bagged up, sealed, etc. You should see our apartment. I should totally take some pictures. It's ridiculous.

All of our things need to stay sealed until...February.

Well, they said that we can put our kitchen and bathroom back together, but they're coming again in two weeks, so we may as well not put our stuff back.

...minus the fact that I've decided that I'm baking three cakes tomorrow and making an artichoke bean thingy for dinner. I bugged Steve until he agreed to the grocery store with me and we spent too much on groceries, but half of our stuff had to be thrown out when the exterminators came. Or we just can't find the things I need.

It's ridiculous now, how much we CANNOT FIND. Thursday morning, I couldn't find my deodorant, so I wore Steve's. I've worn mens sweaters for the last two days because all of my sweaters need washed. Steve always meets me at the PATH station and last night, he saw me walk up and took off his coat and gave it to me. All of my winter coats are at the cleaner right now. He gave me his coat this morning too. My old boss always noticed when I was wearing man clothes, but he isn't here anymore, so at least I won't have get a hard time about it. ;)

And it really sucks, sitting on our couch. Mainly because it crunches. They wrapped it in plastic and the plastic has to stay until February too. But it makes our cat sleep with us. She is SO cute! I wish I could take pictures. My husband and I were spooning (is that weird to say? I was going to say cuddling, but it's better with the cat when I say spooning...), getting ready to go to bed and Vindaloo lays down right against me and just stretches out with her front paws above her head and her back paws by my feet. She is a HUGE cat when she does that. It was like three spoons in a drawer!! Love it. :)

How are you doing? How's your week been? I am SO thankful that it is Friday today!

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  1. What a process you seem to be going through! I'm glad everyone seems to be understanding and your kitty is keeping you company! The crunch of the couch would bother me so much!