Friday, November 13, 2009

Peeing The Bed

Who?! Me?!

First off, it's not me. Or Steve (maybe). Vindaloo, in a day and a half, has peed on the bed THREE times. Twice, she has done it directly in front of Steve.

She's now afraid of him, but still loves me even though it was ME who 'punished' her this last time for it. Even though I don't really know how to punish a cat. But she made me cry, so maybe that's why she feels bad and is nice to me (you should see the scratch marks down my back at the moment). She even sleeps on my pillow (which my grandmother was like, 'That has to stop!' but I kind of like it...) and RIGHT NEXT TO MY FACE all night long...and she will not pee near me. Good girl.

So now we're taking her to get a check up and to get a behavioral consultation on Wednesday while the exterminator is finishing up his second round. I'm still a little confused as to how the behavioral thing will go. But Steve has already said that he hopes that, if it's a behavioral issue and not a medical issue, she can be brainwashed to stop being on the bed.

Have you ever had these issues with your cats? And, if so, how did you get it to stop? Steve seriously wants to give her away. I'm looking at other options at the moment like she has a urinary tract infection or anything else. But my husband is allergic to her and has, it seems, been the subject of her pee attacks. I told him that if he gave her to a shelter, he'd just have to deal with me being mad for a bit, but that I'm leaving it in his hands.

I feel like I can't argue on this one because I fear he's worrying so much about everything that he's going to have a heart attack and put himself in an early grave. I've never seen him worry so much since we moved into this new apartment and it really makes me nervous/upsets me how much it's effecting him.

To me, it's just some sheets. But we all see the world/things differently, you know?

Either way, how are you doing? How are things?


  1. Our cat never peed on anything and all of a sudden started having accidents. As it turns out he had a blockage and it seemed he was planning his episodes...he really wasn't. He had to be treated over night at the vet's office and go on special food. NO MORE accidents since.

  2. I'll tell you how my parents got our two cats to stop peeing... they gave them to the humane society.

  3. Is Vindaloo already fixed? We had a female who was too young to be spayed when we got her and as she grew older started peeing everywhere. As soon as she was fixed it stopped. I would worry about that first, then if it is already done then get her checked out for a UTI.

    Another thing is to check the litter box. If she does go in there but will only do it once you may have to change how often you clean it. Or get an auto one. I know of cats that use two boxes, one for pee and one for poop. There are so many alternatives before giving her away! I'm sorry it is difficult right now though.

  4. My friend had this issue with her cats when there was turmoil in their house (in their case, her parents and their dog was living there temporarily). She waited until her parents left and they stopped peeing everywhere. Is there anything that has changed in your home? That might be affecting Vindaloo.

    Thanks for visiting me on SITS day.

  5. I can tell you that the cats we have owned have all been indoor outdoor cats so we've never had that problem. One peed in the house, but she was really really sick. Let's hope that she just has an infection and once cleared up, problem will be resolved :)