Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Weekend and Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions with Vindaloo, our cat. It's been two days and she has not peed on the bed. We had changed her litter and we're beginning to think that was the issue. She's back to her old litter and she's good to go.

How's your weekend been? We've had a really nice, but super busy weekend. WE DROVE A SMART CAR!!!! I freaking LOVE Smart Cars and we borrowed one through Zip Car (we don't own a car). We needed to rent a car to get to Central Jersey to have our fake Thanksgiving. We had a really nice time, but it was a LONG day. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Today, we gave a talk about tithing to church. Steve HATES speaking in public, but he was good. He was great, actually. And I'm just getting geared up to bake cakes and cook food for our Consecration Sunday (which is why we were talking about tithing).

Counting down to seeing my family! So close and yet...

Here are some pictures for you. :) I always like to see pictures in posts.


  1. whose guitars? very cool

    every second car in rome (where we were recently!) was a smart car -t hey're SO CUTE!!! and u can park them ANYWHERE. n-e-where!!!

    thnaks for stopping by

  2. That was a fun time on Saturday. I love how hilarious everybody is! It reminds me of my parents and their friends when they were all our age.