Monday, June 8, 2009

Friend-Makin' Mondays!

Woot! I'm back from California and trying to cope. :)

Friend-Makin' Mondays is a time I fully enjoy. If you'd like to participate, go here.

I love to travel and the summer typically means now that I get to go see my family. This summer, we're going to South Korea as long as North Korea does not declare war.

2) NEW YORK CITY. Manhattan has some of the COOLEST free things for you to do over the summer. Next weekend, we're going to Shakespeare in the Park. Sure, it's getting up at 3am to get free tickets at 1pm, but we're making it a summer tradition. But I do NOT like the smells and the ridiculous amount of people. New York City stews in its own juices.

3) LESS WORK. I get summer Fridays! I get to leave work around 2-3pm and I LOVE it.

4) FRESH FRUIT. I love fruit. So very much. And the summer is good for it. It's definitely less expensive then.

5) FRIENDS. This time of year typically brings people to NYC. We don't get to see the people we love enough, that's for sure.

6) ROAD TRIPS. Steve and I can take a roadtrip or two during this time of year and I love it. We find as many ridiculous things to see as we can and GO FOR IT.

7) ICE CREAM. Steve and I go for Red Mango and Pinkberry now and I have a feeling we'll be eating lots and lots of it. it sad that I may only have 7? We don't have air-conditioning, so we're always super hot. I pass out in the subways because they're so hot. It smells and is putrefyingly hot. But that's okay. I still like the summer.


  1. Great list....

    Don't you just love summer.

    Happy FMM!

  2. Oh summer in the Big i miss it!I wish I could come to SITP with you! I LOVE Central park in the summer. Glad you got your in and out burger....saw Steve's photo...looks like a heartattack on a tray!

  3. Great list!

    Hope you have a wonderful week - and summer! ;)

  4. Oh! Less work AND it's Summer? I think I'm jealous! :)

    Great list! Happy FMM!

  5. PS: Consider yourself "followed." Your blog is just adorable!

  6. I love road trips. I have friends that would prefer to get to where they are going as fast as they can without any interruptions. For me, though, I love seeing the sites along the way.

    I agree about the fresh fruit- fresh corn and blue berries are just part of what makes summer so great!

  7. BIG question...where do you get red mango and pinkberry ice cream? They both sound delicious! I hear you about the subways in NY during the summer...a necessary evil. Glad you're back!