Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Good evening, good evening!!

How are you guys doing?  

I'm having a good day, though my husband and I are a bit stressed.  We're waiting on his last grade.  He said to me that he'll be upset if he doesn't make "the timeline".  The timeline for a new job, a new place, a new life.  I told him that I'm proud of him no matter what.  No matter what I say, he still wakes up at 3am to look up his grade.

I've decided to make a type of stromboli deal.  I don't like salami or pastrami so I agreed to prosciutto.  I'm excited!  That's tomorrow's dinner.

Project O is a pretty sweet charity and my church has asked me to present on it in November.  I'm also doing a luncheon in June to raise money so that they can purchase a school.  Want to see what they're thinking of, school-wise?  Check it here.

How has God been treating you?  He makes me so happy!!  This new song that I heard, by Kendall Payne, is absolutely beautiful and EXACTLY how I feel (and am trying to feel) about God.  It's called "Burning Embers".  I can't find lyrics or a YouTube video for it.  So you should download it on iTunes.

"You feel like burning embers.
You feel like coming home.
You feel like my forever.
It's all I have to know."


  1. Love you for the Shoutout!
    Hope the grade comes soon.
    Tell him not to be too stressed......he can always quit and come work for us......we need an accountant!

  2. God is good...we may not like His path, but just have to accept we can't control the big plan He has in mind. Hope the grade is good and all works out as it should. I'm still craving that red mango ice cream!!