Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good Morning!

I am (almost) fully functioning again after the Movie Awards. I worked from 5pm to 4am on Sunday, crashed until 9-something and then came back in to work at 10am. But I DID get a full night's sleep last night. And it was beautiful.

How is your day? Or week? I'm starting to prepare for a trip to California. I am SO ready for In N' Out Burger and cruising down the 101. ;)

I have a new song. I love it. It was on a To Write Love On Her Arms blog post. The world needs more love and understanding.

Have you ever heard "Do You Only Love The Ones Who Look Like You?" by Molly Jenson.

Where's your heart?
Where's this love you talk about?
Did someone hold a gun
To your head?
Who's that girl you laugh about?
Did a feeling do you wrong?
You've been gone to long

Did love her?
Did you leave her cold?
Did you see her through?
Or do you only love the ones who look like you?

Where are you now?
Are you afraid of being found?
See I'm alone when you come around
Silly girl
What can you see from way up there?
Is that the world in devil's clothes?
Looking down your nose

Are you lonely?
Are my scars too deep?
Or do you have them too?
Or do you only love the ones who look like you?

Listen, love
To a melody for you
Would it change your point of view?
Or do you only love the ones who sing your tune?
Or do you only love the ones who look like you?

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  1. cool song. Thanks for sharing. The girls voice is awesome. I love hearing about new music! :)