Monday, June 22, 2009


My in-laws are coming to town. AND staying at our apartment.

There are a few reasons for my trepidation.

1) My father-in-law is notorious for being...difficult. Difficult would be the best word. For some reason, when my father-in-law is with my mother-in-law he gets very angry. It's really weird.

2) My father-in-law almost didn't come with because we don't have air conditioning. We invited them because I'm throwing a huge luncheon at my church and I'm the only one cooking. When I cook in our apartment in the summer, our fire alarm goes off. YES. That is how hot it gets in the apartment. I plan on having the oven on ALL DAY Saturday. (Not to mention that them being in town now takes away my only help with all of this, but that's okay. We DID invite them.)

3) We are batting 0 for 100 on things to get him out of the sweltering apartment.

So the first thing we tried to do was get tickets for them to tour Yankees Stadium. My husband forgot that we tried this before and couldn't get tickets. He assumed no one would care since it's new Yankees Stadium. By the time my in-laws decided they were actually coming 1) they couldn't get flights on Friday night and 2) Yankees Stadium tour tickets were GONE. You can get them on StubHub for 4 times the price (or more) that you would have paid originally.

Sports Museum of America! That's a good idea!! We remembered seeing advertisements for it last year on the subway when it was opening. Let's do that!!

IT'S CLOSED. What?! Less than a year?! Yes. Closed.

My father-in-law does not like museums, walking, or drinking. Which crosses SO much off our list of things to do.

Here's another thing. He was like, oh, I'll just watch TV at your place. WE DON'T HAVE CABLE.

0 for 100, people. 0 for 100.


  1. Oh, I'm giggling at this one! As if NY doesn't have anything to do but difficult can be VERY difficult! My first thought was putting him on a subway and then he would think your place was cool compared to riding on one of those during the summer. Movie?

  2. oh no! so sorry! I am trying to think of things for you! You could put him on a train send him to Bushwick and he could go to Metro to see a sunday school programe! But i just realised that they had their last saturday last week!....uuummmmmmmmmm! Put him on a tour bus for the day!
    I dunno!
    Hope it all goes ok.

  3. Thanks! Steve and I just decided that we're going to let him watch TV until he decides that it's too hot and then...we'll see. We're going to Sylvia's soul food for breakfast and then to Korean BBQ for dinner. So we at least have that!!

    Thanks for the suggestions!!