Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Wonderful Week

It's been a really great week for me this week! And mainly for all of my friends.

1) My friend Sam got most of her grades back (and they were really good).

2) My friend Rachel (I'm her matron-of-honor in September) was able to book pictures at the Cleveland Courthouse. Her heart was set on having photos taken here and they told her a bit ago that it was completely booked. So she called yesterday and they said that they had an opening!!

3) My friend Vanessa passed her Praxis test and is now a licensed teacher in Ohio!

4) My husband got a raise!!

And now tomorrow morning we're off to California for weddings and In N' Out burger.

How has your week been?


  1. yeah! Happy post!
    I just installed an anti virus thingy and it has totaly buggered up my PC!!! Now it wont let me uninstall it....aaagghhhhhh!
    Apart from week is going well.

  2. Oh...sounds like a great week all around! Enjoy the trip to California...and the In N'Out Burger..I heard they were fabulous>

  3. In N' Out is SO good. I've been to California a few times (I think this will be my fourth) and it is...just incredible.

    Even better, "John 3:16" is printed on the bottom of their containers.