Friday, May 29, 2009


How are you doing today? It's been a good/weird day today.

My husband got his bonus today! But it was less then he expected.

My new shoes came! But they may or may not last me for this wedding I bought them for.

My period is almost done! But it's only the third day and I forgot to wear a maxi pad this morning. (I'm very forgetful. I used to forget to wear underwear)

My husband is leaving today to go visit family, but now his flight has been delayed an hour and a half. Oh, New York. It's nice to live in a hub city, but flights always get tangled up out here.

But I did get ice cream for lunch. And I think I'm going to leave early today rather than stay for 5 o'clock-tails with the work crew. I need to find a bra for this wedding I have coming up.

Did you just learn more about me then you ever wanted to know? I apologize. :)

How's your day?


  1. Just like a roller coaster! Aren't you glad you're not going in circles though! Have a terrific NY weekend!

  2. I have had hip ache since i got here! I shaved my legs and now have a great rash and the boys are refusing to go to sleep.....apart from that I am having a wonderful weekend!
    Hope yours gets better.