Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Happiness

It's been awhile! I was actually at a wedding. I should put some pictures up. It was beautiful! I loved it.

I've had some happiness and I thought I'd share it! Feel free to share your happiness too.

1) I thought that I had really let down a friend. I felt like I hadn't been there for her. But she showed me true love and really, how cool God is. How big He is.

2) I've been doing lots of voice-overs lately, which is awesome, because (almost) all my voice-over money goes to our travel fund. I'm hoping that 1) we can get to South Africa and 2) we could go on a safari and bring some kids with or something :-D

3) I can't even begin to tell you how kind everyone was at this wedding this past weekend. I had booked the flight in September and they were giving me hotel info. They asked if my husband was coming (we decided to split up to save a bit) and when I said no, the bride's parents let me stay at their house AND they had someone pick me up from the airport. So instead of spending almost $400 (like I thought I was going to), I only spent cab money to and from the airport in NYC. God at work :)

4) Had a progressive dinner with some church people on Sunday. I think they're all very nice, very fun, and will be a great community. I'm glad we found this church and that we're joining the membership on Sunday.

My job is NOT included in my happiness. But that's okay. Steve had his LAST CPA exam on Saturday and we're hoping that he can get a job that's a bit more ethical once he's a certified CPA (certified public accountant). And if it's still a job in NYC, I hope that I can find something to do that I enjoy.

Are you happy today? Or maybe not so happy? Either way, God is with you all the way :)

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  1. Yeay for Happy days! Im having a good day, started packing for our UK trip! INSANE i hate packing! We have 2 weddings when we are in the UK and I cant wait. I will pray about the job deal.
    And GET MORE VOICE OVER JOBS!!!!! that way you get out here and we can have some fun.