Monday, May 25, 2009

Baking, Baking, Baking

I've been baking a lot lately, but haven't put any pictures up.  So I thought I would.  
I used to be REALLY bad at cooking and baking.  I couldn't make that Kraft mac and cheese out of the box (seriously.  I used to get it stuck on the bottom of the pan and burn it)

I think I am most proud of these: cinnamon raisin bagels.  I MADE BAGELS!!

These are the best scones I've ever made.  Chocolate chip scones.  They were really light.  More like cake then all the other ones I've made.

My friend Kate came over (Steve was playing with the camera coloring again) so I made her Cornish pasties.  Thanks for the recipe, Vashti!

This was my prettiest one.  I gave it to Kate.  It DOES have turnip in it.

Vegan chocolate cake.  Did you know that cocoa and most chocolate is vegan?  Only milk chocolate is not.  One of our vicars at church is vegan and we were having a going-away party for her and another girl, so I made vegan chocolate cake so she could eat.  She was so excited!!  She was nervous about going to a dessert reception.  She's actually a raw vegan.  How is she going to eat in Texas?!

I'm going to have some more up soon.  I really like cooking!!!  Have any good recipes?  I'm always looking!

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  1. I am impressed!!!! How were the pasties? The cake looks yummy.
    We are having a great time.Feels kinda weird though cause I am not getting on here very much and it makes me feel further away from you....I miss my friend!
    Hope you are well.
    Lots of love Vash