Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happiness, Silliness, and the Like

I like to bake. A lot. It makes Steve a little irritated because I make a TON of dirty dishes. But I can't help that. I made bagels the other day and it was great. Here's the next goal I have set for myself...

I'm so excited to try them. I think I'm going to try them over Memorial Day.

So I found out that I am fo sho going to South Korea this summer! I am so excited. I know this is going to sound gross, but I'm thinking about trying dog's meat soup. If I can get my brother to do it, then I can go. Once he's in, at least I know that someone will go with me. I don't really need to wander around Seoul by myself.

My goal in life at the moment is spoiling my neice. Sure, her parents don't entirely want it, but I think it might be my job. So when we go, I'm thinking about getting some things for her.
This absolutely adorable dress is called a hanbok. They make them specially for certain occasions or just have them for everyday. This one looks like it'd be a first birthday special occassion one. As long as my sister-in-law doesn't mind, Lillian is freaking GETTING ONE.

That's my excitement so far. Silly excitement.

My happiness for today/this week is:
1) Steve is getting his bonus soon. Which is really nice so that we can pay some things off and such.
2) Though I'm not entirely excited about working Movie Awards, it'll be good to get some comp days, otherwise, I'm not going to be paid during all my time off.
3) I'm just feeling like God made this a beautiful day!! He is so freaking good to me for no reason and I'm trying to appreciate that in all the things I do and say and think.

How are you guys? How has your week been and all?


  1. That hanbok is sooo cute! I wonder if they make them in big sizes? Love your third is beautiful here too and for no reason...I'm feeling pretty good!

  2. HI YA! those rolls look yummy. I still havent been brave enough to try cinnamon rolls. I feel intimidated cause i know they wont taste as good as cinnabon!
    Im in the UK! Tired but in one piece. they lost our strollers! So annoying.
    OK well I will talk to you soon.

  3. Don't worry -- you can spoil her all you want as long as we don't have to. :) Oh, and as long as it isn't playing into our patriarchal, capitalist society too much. Damn the man! Haha.