Monday, September 28, 2009

Friend-Makin' Mondays

Moving was a nightmare, but we've gotten almost everything moved!!! So I'm excited. Not only that, our first night in, there were fireworks over downtown Manhattan and we got a ton of pictures of them. Now, to take a break.

Friend Makin' Mondays!!! If you want to join in, click here!

List a few things that you cannot live without

Let me think...

1) God. He's been doing a lot to keep me sane lately and I know that if I felt like He wasn't around, I'd probably feel a hole in my heart. Same with number 2...

2) My husband. He's been behind me for awhile now and I fully appreciate that. He loves me and shows me what love is.

3) Books. I love the smell and feel of books, whether or not I'm reading them. :) I just LOVE it!!

4) Sushi. I haven't had it for awhile, but once I start...

5) TRAVEL! If I didn't do it, I wouldn't see my family. But I absolutely LOVE to travel and I am almost always counting down until I'm going somewhere.

6) Our new apartment!!! It has a pool and a gym and a WASHER AND DRYER IN THE APARTMENT!!! So, so excited. And it's almost clean and way more space then we thought. :) Now, time for a trip to IKEA.

What can you not live without?


  1. Hey thanks for leaving a comment on my new blog! I love Friend Making Mondays! Cute blog~ I'll be sure to follow :)

  2. Books are on my list too and I love traveling.

  3. Congrats on your new digs and your laundry facilities.

  4. the new blog look!!!'s marvelous!
    You have named some fabulous "can't live without" one can call the husband an item ;)

  5. Thanks for the comment! Travel is good one on the list. I love a good road trip and being able to see new things.

  6. HAPPY FMM!!!
    I have a giveaway listed today along with my FMM post. Check it out.

    The buzz,
    p.s. how did you live without a washer and dryer... wow that would be hard!

  7. It was REALLY hard! We had to walk 10 blocks to a laundromat and drag our clothes down three flights of stairs.

  8. Cute blog! Thanks for the comments on my blog! I am your newest follower!

  9. So nice to meet you! How could I have forgotten sushi on my list!!?

    I so would like to see your new apartment. It sounds fab. And to see fireworks over Manhattan your first night? So fun!