Saturday, September 26, 2009


We finished moving yesterday at 3am. Our new apartment is filled with boxes and we had to hang the shower curtain to get ready this morning, but it's good.

We experienced stand-still traffic at 12:40am. 12:40am?! What the heck?! Good ol' New York, O you city that never sleeps.


How's your weekend going? As soon as Steve gets back, I'm going to finish packing, purchase some soap nuts, say good bye to Harlem, and head back to Jersey City. :) AND hope that BabyBeBlessed e-mails me back. I e-mailed them AGAIN because I'm crazy. I'm hoping that I can say something like I'm a little OCD or whatever. But I think that's more Steve. He has to wash his hands all the time. He's trying to not feel dirty after shaking people's hands.

Hope that everyone is well and happy!!

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