Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holy Matrimony, Batman!

I love Lost and Found. Have you heard of them? They're two guys who play Christian...rock? Speedwood?

Actually, this is how they describe themselves:
George plays piano, and Michael plays guitar. Stylistically, the music of LOST AND FOUND is not easy to describe. Some have simply labeled it "speedwood" or "acoustic thrash." Others, upon hearing the unique blend of folk and screaming, played without drums or stacks of keyboards, and including the occasional ballad, have just said, "I've never heard anything like that before." One person said the music is, "the intersection of the Ramones and John Denver." This is, as you might imagine, a relatively deserted intersection.

Their albums have names like 'This,' 'That,' and 'Here.' I have a CD of them singing happy birthday to me and I have pictures where I am dressed entirely in blue (it's a song reference). And I mean ENTIRELY. Blue jeans, blue shirt, blue hair scarf, BLUE HAIR. And I used to go to concerts as a teen and I just love them. I have been trying to go for a year to see them and I haven't been able to.

I was looking at their blog and it looks like the guitar player, Michael, was recently married!!

Marriage has been coming up lately. And there are reasons. And here's the question.

Why does monogamy make sense?

I know someone who says that it does not and that, in 100 years, there will no longer be monogamous relationships.

And I know all of these people who have been married and, because of the odds, at least of the weddings I have attended this year, marriages I have witnessed, will end before 'death do us part.' So why?

Here's what George (the piano player) has to say:

But the question is this: who gets everyone together for a big party and actually means it? What kind of person looks into the eyes of their beloved, and says, “Holy Matrimony?” . . . What kind of person does that?

The kind of person who has hope. A promise to remain together until the end has to be rooted in hope. Real hope. Because statistically, it doesn’t make sense. To sit down and reason it out, nobody would ever get married. To do what we are gathered here to do this day requires hope. And the only reason we can have hope is because we trust that this is all going to be all right. Somehow, this is going to work out. We mark this day with a joyous celebration, because—as we heard in the reading from Matthew (Matthew 5:13-15)—a light is shining in the darkness. Because you are living out God’s promise, and you are the light of the world. You are a city built on a hill. Let your light so shine, and let the strings so play, and let the food and drink so flow, that everyone will know that today is different. We mark this day, dedicated to hope for the future...

God is not jaded by failure. God does not listen to common sense. God does not give up on anyone, ever. God has lit, is lighting, and will continue to light the lamp of love in your heart. You are the light of the world.


And I love it. It speaks so much to my heart. We agree to love one person for the rest of our lives because we have hope!! And maybe it doesn't work out and maybe it does, but we promise to love each other forever because we have hope. Hope in each other and, for a great deal of us, hope in God.

So now I'm going to see Lost and Found in Connecticut...and going to see if I can find those ridiculous photos from high school when I go home :-D


  1. If you find the photos..you MUST post them!
    I totally believe in a monogamous relationship. Giving of oneself completely to another..and only one...is an incredible feeling. Can you tell I'm happily married?

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