Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Last Wedding!!

I had mentioned before that I had my last wedding to attend this weekend. The brides the past two weekends have been BEYOND beautiful and so, so happy. Always makes me want to go look at my wedding pictures. :)

Rachel had her pictures done by Genevieve Nisly and she REALLY captured the happiness of the day. I love Rachel and I'm so happy that she's got her husband and that she's in Maui right now, enjoying her husband and the sun.

(P.S. Those are my purple Converse chucks!!)


  1. cant believe you wore converse! too cute.
    My friend wore Vans with her wedding dress!
    Putting box in the post this week.

  2. The wedding looked like so much fun! I love the naturalness of the pics & your purple Converse are awesome!