Friday, September 25, 2009

A Nightmare

So I'm sitting on the floor of our now empty apartment and I'm exhausted. Moving has been a disaster. The movers showed up over 2 hours late, which, normally would be fine, but we could only move into our new building between 1 and 5pm. And the movers showed up at 2:30pm. Since I've had to take so much time off for weddings and such as of late, I decided that I should work and Steve would handle the move since that's what happened last time.

To say the least, the movers coming late, they were going to be late. My husband calls the apartment building (who we had to pay $600 to just MOVE our stuff in) and they say 5:30pm is the latest. It's 4pm when he gets that answer and...they still haven't moved the couch or our bed. My husband has to work with the people we've paid to move our stuff so that they can book it.

Now, I'm going to say this and I hope you believe me...but I'm not a person to just fly off the handle and send angry e-mails. I mean, there's only been once in my life that I've ever NOT tipped and I have never tipped under $5. But I was seeing more than red. I think I may have snapped a few synapses. It was actually for the best that I sent the angry e-mail because it got us two extra movers to help my husband at our apartment building. And the concierge took pity on my husband and let him move.

Kingsley gets an extra special Christmas present.

In a completely unrelated item, I think I'm going to drive both Children's Hope International and BabyBeBlessed Dolls insane. I know that God is trying to teach my patience and it's somewhat obvious that I pick and choose what to pay attention to. BUT there's a reason!! I really want to get some of my sponsored children (and non-sponsored children) BabyBeBlessed Dolls and you can win them on their blog!! So I keep e-mailing and stalking these people. I swear, I'm not trying to be creepy - I'm just excited!! And I had to make sure that I could buy things for my one sponsored child. But now I'm just waiting for my numbers and it's just KILLING ME!! Especially since I'm not sure if I'm going to have e-mail at our new place.

I'll have to send you pictures of our new place. It's incredible. :)

How are you guys doing? How's your day been?


  1. OH NO! Im sorry it has been such a stress. I hope you settle in well. Dont say you wont have internet...that will really suck. xxx

  2. I don't think we will!!! I'm hoping that we get it soon though. We're at our old apartment now and we haven't disconnected the internet yet because of that. ;) Hope that you're doing well!!! xxx