Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hi Guys!


I just wanted to stop by and say hello!

I leave tonight with my husband to our last wedding of the year! So I'm very excited. It'll be nice to see some friends and such.

I'm looking for some advice. I'm trying to help raise money for Project O's school. There are two South African restaurants that I've found in NYC. Braii and Xai Xai and they're both owned by the same people. Should I go out on a limb and see if they'd be willing to hold an event?! I could possibly partner with my friends who started the organization History Starts Now that deals in ending human trafficking. I've been feeling very apprehensive about these things, but I think that I could do it, especially with some help.

I was in Ohio last weekend too and there was a sign that say, 'God's work never lacks God's supplies.' I liked it.

Is there something that you've been nervous to do, but just need that little edge?

I hope you have a great weekend! I might be scarce next week a bit too. It's the Video Music Awards on Sunday and I don't think I'm sleeping until Monday night!!

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  1. she is ADORABLE! the fundraiser sounds good. If you need any exter info or lfyers/leaflets let me know and we can send some over.
    Apparently you box is in my po box as of today so i will go get it tomorrow! I will also send yours.
    Have a great wedding and hope the MTV stuff goes well and isnt too stressful for you.
    Love you.