Monday, July 13, 2009

Friend-Makin' Mondays

Oh my gosh. It's been forever since I posted. So I'm going to do this NOW. Friend-Makin' Mondays is being hosted by Dandelion Wishes. So if you want to join in, feel free!!

The thing is to name 5-10 of your favorite things. These things can be things that have changed/revolutionized your daily life. I think I'll just have random ones too. :)

1) Jesus. Can I tell you how much He's been changing me? It's kind of cool. It's also making me realize how selfish and d-bag-ish I can be. But I try to remember Him and love Him and know that I want to trust in Him. My faith journey is pretty new (though I've been a Christian my whole life), but I'm excited for it.

2) TOMS Shoes. I LOVE TOMS shoes. And I have been purchasing them left and right. LEFT AND RIGHT. I think I've spent a good amount of money on them. All sorts of them. And I've been stalking the website to see if they have youth sizes yet.

3) My husband. Steve is...beyond good to me. He loves me for who I am, even if who I am hasn't shaved my legs in a month, wants to play tic-tac-toe with a chicken or search for a giant wooden elephant in New Jersey, and who wakes him up at 8:30am on Saturdays.

4) My friends. Be it bloggy people who I seriously want to come visit (Vashti, May 6th-20th, 2010?) or my friends in Ohio, they've been there for me and they really make me happy.

5) Our church! We've become really involved and we just love it. It really is a community. I never thought I'd find a place like this. We've become really involved.

So much feels like it's happened! I'm finishing up my application to New School for my Certificate to Teach English (as a second language). If I get accepted, I'm hoping that MTV will pay for it. :-D And that I'll be done by next summer (if not earlier) Steve has applied for his CPA license. We've decided that we're not going to live life like it's in limbo (which we have been for awhile). So I'm happy.

Anything new with you? It's been awhile.


  1. Happy MFM! Thanks for dropping by, love your list!

    You mean to say there is a real life Lawry's restaurant? I'm in awe... and now I must google to see what you are talking about and make reservations lol.

  2. Great list! Happy FMM! Thanks for stopping by my blog ;)

  3. Great list....much more mature than mine :)

  4. Dates sound good to me!!!! let me know when you book tickets and I will start getting the room ready!!!!! Cant stinking wait.

  5. Wow- a much more mature list that the one I have!!! I love that Jesus is number one on your list!!

    Happy Monday

  6. Happy FMM! Very nice list!