Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Wish I Had My Tuba

I was a first-class nerd in high school.

Not only did I play the tuba and marching sousaphone (it's the same thing. But easier to swing and jump with), I played the trombone, baritone, AND was the band president.


And, as weird as this sounds, I am considered a legend to the Northwest High School Marching Band. I have mellowed out considerably since high school and I haven't really dyed my hair (blue) since then either.

But today, I sincerely miss my tuba. Like a whole lot.

The tuba is not a great musical instrument. It's mainly in the background for most songs, relegated to a bass line. BUT I MISS IT.

I miss Tuba Christmas and I miss jumping around, killing my knees with my sousaphone. I miss cleaning out thrown pixie sticks from the bandstands.

Is there something you miss? A random, general, possibly irrational missing of something?

UPDATE: I went tuba shopping...I had to. The cheapest one is $4,000. Boo! I'm going to look into renting one...


  1. Being outside on a summer evening makes me miss college - just being able to walk around campus in the evening or go sit outside and read or walk into town and get a Chai Shake. I miss not having to get up early in the morning to go somewhere or do something. I miss not having the free time to do things that I enjoy and I miss not living within walking distance of a playground that nobody ever used but me, which meant I could swing all by myself to my heart's content. Oh college.

  2. Thanks for sharing....I feel like I know you better!

  3. hahahahahahahaaaaaa! I am in bed reading this and I just laughed out loud!!! too funny. you are a geek! and I love you more for it.

  4. I would NEVER have guessed you for a tuba player!! Sometimes I do miss singing with a group..a chorale type where the sound swells...especially at Christmas time. I used to rent a piano room in NYC, so maybe they'll let you rent a tuba room!!