Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I'm Good At

I was talking to my husband about going to get a chocolate bar made with applewood bacon.

When he said something that is very spot on with me.

Steven: you are very good at finding very odd places

And I am! It's kind of a past time for me. I've been to a 30-foot-tall statue of Mary with a base that's shaped like the Statue of Liberty.

I was even able to locate a giant fork in the road in upstate New York.

So now I have a small list of things that I would love to find when I go to South Korea. All of them are food and they are all AWESOME!!!

The Tornado Potato:

The Fry Dog:

and spaghetti in an ice cream cone:

I will let you know about my success in a week or two. :-D


  1. I saw this very candy bar on FoodNetwork last week and wished there was a way to try one.

  2. PS: I love your blog title....

  3. Thank you! And if you decide that you DO want to try it:

  4. I have never heard of most of these...not so sure about spaghetti in a cone bu the chocolate sounds interesting!